Getting Started with the API

Follow this few simple steps to get strated with PicYou API.

Register your PicYou API application

First of all, you'll need to register your PicYou API application. If you have not done it yet, then it's about time to do it. Follow this link to proceed:

When registration will be completed, you'll get the following OAuth information:

OAuth authentication

When you'll get all OAuth information, you should implement OAuth 1.0a authentication in your application. If your app is web-based then user will be redirected to PicYou site where he will be asked to grant permissions to your application.


If your app is desktop-based then you need to use xAuth authentication (which can be enabled for your app by request). In this case user will need to enter PicYou username and password (within your application) in order to grant an access.

Please refer to Getting started with oAuth to get familiar with protocol. There's also a lot of existing oAuth implementations for different development platforms.

Uploading photo with the API

When you'll get the access token you'll be able to interact with different API services. Please note that all request should be oAuth-signed otherwise you'll get an error.

You can upload new photo using API by performing multipart POST request to the following URL:

It should contain image[file] POST parameter which is mandatory. You can look at the other parameters in the Using file upload section of the API reference.

Please refer to API reference for a full API reference.